Valerie David

The Pink Hulk: One Woman's Journey to Find the Superhero Within, Written and Performed by Valerie David

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- Kristen MoraleBroadway World, NYC
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“Watching Valerie David perform The Pink Hulk: One Woman's Journey to Find the Superhero Within is something so rare and so marvelous; it is the most powerful and poignant two hours I have ever spent at a theater.”
- LouReviewsLondon Theatre
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“The Pink Hulk is a show that makes you stop and think. It is no way self-pitying or maudlin…There are wry smiles and belly laughs, and it is all totally relatable. An honour to watch it.”

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Pink Hulk Program Synopsis

Now battling breast cancer after fighting off lymphoma, Valerie does something most people facing cancer in their life probably wouldn’t think of doing. With a fear that she might lose “the girls,” she takes them out for one last hurrah. And does Valerie succeed? Is there a “happy” ending? Come see the show to find out!

This award-winning, internationally acclaimed, sexy solo show follows Valerie’s journey to seek her own “hulk-like” strength to find her superhero within to become a three-time cancer survivor. An empowering and true story of inspiration for anyone facing ANY adversity in their own lives—not just from cancer! With plenty of laugh-out-loud, heartwarming moments! Audience talkbacks and Q&A’s follow each performance.

Runtime: 60 min

(with a 30-min audience talkback/Q&A to follow). Recommended for ages 12+. Mature content.

The Pink Hulk Mission

Valerie turned her adversity into art with The Pink Hulk, which inspires audiences, uplifting them with her motivational, empowering story to battle cancer, live life on her own terms, and crush the obstacles in her path. Her solo play is told with heartfelt honesty and lots of humor. Through performances, theater is utilized as a thought-provoking vehicle to empower audiences.

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Pink Hulk is a show that makes you stop and think. It is no way self-pitying or maudlin – quite the reverse. There are wry smiles and belly laughs, and it is all totally relatable.
Valerie David
The Pink Hulk


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- Camille SiegelChaucer’s Corner
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“Valerie blew [me] away with her one-woman show. It was not only moving, but resonated with everyone on a profound level—a show not to be missed.”

Baggage from BaghDAD Program Synopsis

New York City–based performer/playwright Valerie David’s award-winning, internationally acclaimed solo show, Baggage From BaghDAD: Becoming My Father’s Daughter, is about one Middle Eastern Jewish family’s true inspirational journey of being forced to flee from religious persecution during the 1941 “Farhud” pogrom in Baghdad. It is the story of Valerie’s father and his family’s struggle to transcend their harrowing past and build a new home in America. As father and daughter learn to love and to accept their differences, the importance of family takes center stage as she begins to understand how his tale of survival and perseverance shaped her convictions and her future. 

Because the play is rooted in the historical civil unrest for the Jews of Iraq, Baggage From BaghDAD also mirrors the current struggle of today’s Ukrainian refugees, and the continuing rise of racial and religious discrimination worldwide.

Some of the universal themes of Valerie’s solo show center on immigration, refugees, social injustice, generational trauma, discrimination, prejudice, mental health, Alzheimer’s, repression, bullying, and the love and loss of family. This play celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit. It finds humor and hope, even in the darkest of times.

It is an accepted fact that Hitler had Mein Kampf translated into Arabic and thus began the trouble for the Middle Eastern Jews. There were plans for concentration camps and gas chambers, as over one million Jews lived in the Middle Eastern countries in the 1930s/the ’40s, and the Middle Eastern Jews’ existence in the Middle East dates back thousands of years. Valerie’s family was part of that diaspora. Over 1,000 Jews were murdered during The Farhud. Her family fled that night only with what they could carry, never to return.

Runtime: 60 min

60 minutes includes an audience talkback

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Valerie David continued refining "Baggage from BaghDAD," including taking it to the Stockholm Fringe Festival where it won The Spoken Word and Theatre Award.
Valerie David
Baggage from BaghDAD: Becoming My Father's Daughter
New York, NY
Solo Performance
the pink hulk Awards:
BAGGAGE FROM BAGHDAD Awards & recognition:
🏆The Pink Hulk was awarded the Audience Choice Award in Virginia’s Shenandoah Fringe
🏆The Pink Hulk received a jury choice nomination for Best Performance at the National Women’s Theatre Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina
🏆The Pink Hulk was awarded the WOW Award in the Sweden Gothenburg Fringe “for the show which inspired awe in audiences with its creativity, humour and content.”
🏆The Pink Hulk was nominated for the prestigious Spoken Word & Theatre Award in Sweden’s Stockholm Fringe Festival
🏆The Pink Hulk was awarded the ACT Alone Award in Iceland’s Reykjavik Fringe Festival
🏆The Pink Hulk was a recipient of The Colby Award for Excellence in the Arts, which is presented to Sigma Kappa alumnae in national recognition of their career achievements.
🏆Top theater honors in its very first full production—received The Spoken Word and Theatre Award—at the 2022 Stockholm Fringe Festival
🏆Nominated for the Grand Prix Award at the 2022 Stockholm Fringe Festival
🏆Nominated for the Grand Prix Award at the 2022 Stockholm Fringe Festival
🏆Semi-finalist for the 2021 Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Award
🏆The Grange Hall Cultural Center in Vermont selected Valerie as the Artist-In-Residence, where she successfully performed Baggage From BaghDAD receiving amazing press in 2022
artist assets/epk:
Valerie David is an inspiring artist and three-time cancer survivor based in New York, NY. She is an accomplished actor and playwright. Valerie's incredible journey and resilience have made her a beacon of hope for cancer patients and survivors worldwide. Her award-winning, internationally acclaimed one-woman play, The Pink Hulk, has captivated audiences since its debut in 2016, showcasing Valerie's personal story of overcoming cancer and empowering others to face adversity with courage. The Pink Hulk has been accepted into more than 50 festivals to date and counting since its 2016 debut, performing in more than 25 cities in the U.S. and Europe—England, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. The Pink Hulk is a true testament to the power of our own inner superheroes to fight back against any adversity in life—to never ever give up!

Valerie David Biography

She also wrote and performs in her second award-winning solo show titled Baggage From BaghDAD: Becoming My Father’s Daughter. Information on this show is listed on this page.

Valerie, who is based in Manhattan, “hulked out” on cancer; after her first two bouts with cancer—Stage III Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1999 and then breast cancer in 2014/2015. Then in September 2018, Valerie was re-diagnosed with breast cancer—this time Stage IV metastatic. As of April 2019, she has had no evidence of disease and has continued to thrive. 

Through her performances, Valerie raises funds for domestic and international cancer organizations, using theater as a transformative tool for education, empowerment, and healing. With her infectious spirit and unwavering determination, Valerie David continues to inspire and uplift audiences across the globe.

Denise Donatelli Biography

Denise Donatelli, a three-time GRAMMY® nominated vocalist, presents her latest album, “Whistling in the Dark – The Music of Burt Bacharach.” Released on August 27, 2021, this remarkable project showcases Denise’s lifelong love affair with the legendary songwriter’s music. Produced by the renowned Larry Klein, the album marks Denise’s first concept album dedicated to a single composer and highlights her exceptional collaboration with Klein.

Recorded live at The Village Studios in Los Angeles in October 2020, the album captures Denise’s warm vocal elegance accompanied by a hand-picked all-star jazz/pop quartet. The quartet includes Larry Goldings on piano and organ, Anthony Wilson on guitar, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, and Larry Klein himself on bass and additional keyboards.

“Whistling in the Dark” presents an intimate and soulful collection of Bacharach’s iconic hits, as well as some lesser-known gems. Denise breathes new life into classics like “The Look of Love” and brings her own interpretation to Warwick’s renowned songs such as “Walk On By,” “In Between the Heartaches,” “Anyone Who Had a Heart,” and “A House is Not a Home.” The album also features collaborations with Elvis Costello on poignant tracks like “Toledo” and “In the Darkest Place.”

Denise’s artistic journey leading up to this project has been shaped by her passion for jazz. Growing up in Allentown, PA, she fell in love with the genre, drawing inspiration from vocalists like Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, and Ella Fitzgerald. After launching her singing career in Atlanta in the early 90s, Denise moved to Los Angeles in 2000, immersing herself in the vibrant music community.

Throughout her career, Denise has collaborated with esteemed musicians and earned recognition for her exceptional talent. Her previous albums with producer/pianist Geoffrey Keezer garnered four GRAMMY nominations, including three for Best Jazz Vocal Album. In 2012, she was honored as Jazz Vocalist of the Year by The Los Angeles Jazz Society. Known as a “musician’s singer,” Denise’s innate musicianship and pure tone have captivated audiences and led to various notable performances, including appearances on “The Simpsons” and TV promos for popular shows and brands.

Denise’s connection to the American Heart Association holds a special place in her heart, honoring the memory of her son.

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