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Experience the mesmerizing artistry of Cellisimo, the dynamic cello duo formed by virtuosic soloists Ruslan Biryukov and Anne Suda. With their rich Russian and American musical heritage, Cellisimo creates a unique experience of dual virtuosity, sharing warm vocal quality exclusively heard from cellos performing together. As musical ambassadors, they unite and inspire audiences worldwide, bridging divides with their multi-genre performances and collaborations with global composers. Witness their captivating performances that transcend time and genre, leaving audiences in awe.
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" RUSLAN BIRYUKOV is an astonishing young cellist. The audience gave the concert a standing ovation. If the first concert is any consideration, I would get my tickets early!" – Wendy Kikkert, Beverly Hills Outlook
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Cellisimo Biography

Cellisimo: Embracing the Harmony of Dual Virtuosity

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of Cellisimo, an enchanting cello duo founded by the extraordinary soloists, Ruslan Biryukov and Anne Suda. Rooted in their individual Russian and American musical backgrounds, Cellisimo transcends boundaries, presenting a captivating fusion of cultures and talents.

Ruslan and Anne’s artistic connection first bloomed while performing together in the prestigious Los Angeles Cello Quartet. Driven by their passion for sharing the warm vocal quality unique to cellos performing in harmony, the duo embarked on a remarkable journey, giving birth to Cellisimo. Their breathtaking performances are a testament to the profound depth of expression and virtuosity achievable through cello collaboration.

Cellisimo’s commitment to championing the solidarity of the human spirit shines through in every performance. As musical ambassadors, they strive to unite and inspire audiences from all walks of life, employing their talents to bridge divides and foster a sense of unity in a world often marked by differences.

Diversity lies at the heart of Cellisimo’s performances, with the duo crafting multi-genre experiences that transcend time and tradition. Collaborating with artists from various disciplines, they weave an interactive tapestry of music, art, and culture, enriching the experience for their audiences.

The duo’s dedication to expanding the chamber music repertoire is evident through their collaborations with composers from across the globe. With recent projects featuring talents from Iran, Kazakhstan, and the US/Puerto Rico, Cellisimo’s artistry knows no bounds. They proudly showcase world premiere performances, infusing fresh creativity into the classical music landscape.

Cellisimo finds its roots in the Positive Motions Foundation, a visionary initiative spearheaded by Ruslan Biryukov, aimed at promoting the transformative power of music in shaping a better world. Through their profound artistry and dedication, Cellisimo contributes to this noble cause.

Witness the breathtaking performances of Cellisimo and experience the harmonious marriage of two exceptional talents, leaving audiences inspired and spellbound. Their music transcends time and genre, promising an enchanting journey that speaks directly to the soul.

Denise Donatelli Biography

Denise Donatelli, a three-time GRAMMY® nominated vocalist, presents her latest album, “Whistling in the Dark – The Music of Burt Bacharach.” Released on August 27, 2021, this remarkable project showcases Denise’s lifelong love affair with the legendary songwriter’s music. Produced by the renowned Larry Klein, the album marks Denise’s first concept album dedicated to a single composer and highlights her exceptional collaboration with Klein.

Recorded live at The Village Studios in Los Angeles in October 2020, the album captures Denise’s warm vocal elegance accompanied by a hand-picked all-star jazz/pop quartet. The quartet includes Larry Goldings on piano and organ, Anthony Wilson on guitar, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, and Larry Klein himself on bass and additional keyboards.

“Whistling in the Dark” presents an intimate and soulful collection of Bacharach’s iconic hits, as well as some lesser-known gems. Denise breathes new life into classics like “The Look of Love” and brings her own interpretation to Warwick’s renowned songs such as “Walk On By,” “In Between the Heartaches,” “Anyone Who Had a Heart,” and “A House is Not a Home.” The album also features collaborations with Elvis Costello on poignant tracks like “Toledo” and “In the Darkest Place.”

Denise’s artistic journey leading up to this project has been shaped by her passion for jazz. Growing up in Allentown, PA, she fell in love with the genre, drawing inspiration from vocalists like Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, and Ella Fitzgerald. After launching her singing career in Atlanta in the early 90s, Denise moved to Los Angeles in 2000, immersing herself in the vibrant music community.

Throughout her career, Denise has collaborated with esteemed musicians and earned recognition for her exceptional talent. Her previous albums with producer/pianist Geoffrey Keezer garnered four GRAMMY nominations, including three for Best Jazz Vocal Album. In 2012, she was honored as Jazz Vocalist of the Year by The Los Angeles Jazz Society. Known as a “musician’s singer,” Denise’s innate musicianship and pure tone have captivated audiences and led to various notable performances, including appearances on “The Simpsons” and TV promos for popular shows and brands.

Denise’s connection to the American Heart Association holds a special place in her heart, honoring the memory of her son.

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