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Denise Donatelli, a multiple Grammy Nominated Savant recording and international concert artist, has become one of today’s premiere vocalists. To date, she has recorded four albums and her recordings have collectively garnered three Grammy nominations.

An East Coast native and recipient of classical piano training, she turned to singing jazz. A decision to move to Los Angeles in 2000 put her in touch with some of the city’s stellar musicians including Neil Hefti. Described as a musician's singer by Grammy Award winning saxophonist, Phil Woods, Denise has performed as guest vocalist with Roger Kellaway, Terry Trotter, Christian Jacob's Big Band Theory, Alf Clausen's Jazz Orchestra, Les Hooper's Big Band, the Stan Kenton Alumni Band.
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Denise recently released her 5th CD, Find a Heart, received a 2016 Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal CD. This album includes including music by David Crosby, Beck, Donald Fagan, Journey and Sting, among others. The music included in Find a Heart been arranged and produced by Geoffrey Keezer. Denise’s band on this recording consists of Geoffrey Keezer, piano; Leonardo Amuedo, guitar; Carlitos del Puerto, bass; and Marvin “Smitty” Smith on drums. Trumpeter Chris Botti and saxophonist Bob Sheppard are among the featured artists on this CD.

Denise's 2012 release, Soul Shadows received a Grammy Nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album, the second consecutive nomination in that category of her recording career. Her 2010 release When Lights are Low received two Grammy Nominations, one for Best Jazz Vocal Album and another for Best Arrangement Accompanying a Vocalist for pianist and collaborator Geoffrey Keezer’s arrangement of Don't Explain. In 2008, Denise recorded her second CD entitled What Lies Within. The record garnered uniformly high praise from critics and casual listeners alike making it to the top ten of the Jazz Week Radio Chart and in 2005; her first recording In the Company of Friends brought her critical acclaim. Additionally, Denise makes a vocal appearance on the Christmas recording, That Time of Year (2011) by Grammy Award Winner Bill Cunliffe.

In addition to her Grammy nominations, The Los Angeles Jazz Society has honored Denise with the 2012 Jazz Vocalist of the Year award. Voting advisors include John Clayton, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones and Johnny Mandel.

Donatelli’s innate musicianship and pure tone have won her spots singing for episodes of The Simpsons, television promos for Frasier, Card Sharks and Turner Classic Movies and has appeared in national and international commercials for CNN, Hyundai, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz among others.

Possessing a voice of exceptional nuance, agility and unerring pitch, Denise is able to imbue whatever she chooses to sing with her special warmth, wit and insight. She tours extensively, performing at jazz festivals, jazz clubs, performing art centers, and with university jazz bands where she conducts master clinics.
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“Denise Donatelli simply does everything right. Even better, her taste in material is immaculate...If you want something besides Krall and Monheit, give this lady a listen. You won't be disappointed." - Jazzweekly

"With so many jazz vocalists competing for attention, Denise Donatelli easily stands out from the pack with her versatile, creative repertoire and strong voice."
- Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

"No Better" Denise Donatelli…Donatelli's glowing, gently melancholy take on the Jonatha Brooke song is on best jazz vocal album contender Soul Shadows." - Elysa Gardner, USA Today

Denise Donatelli, 'Soul Shadows' (Savant Records) – “She has hooked up with excellent pianist Geoffrey Keezer before. Great musical pair. Keezer provides just the right landscapes—intricate, intelligent, but something the bones can feel. And Donatelli steps in with class and style and makes it a full painting. Great selection of seldom heard tunes, save "Too Late Now," which is also a treat because it's an exquisite duet between Donatelli's rich voice and Keezer's luscious piano sound. A Grammy should go here, but she's least known among the Grammy people of those nominated.”
-, Editor's Choice
Written by R. J. DeLuke, R.J. DeLuke's Best Recordings of 2012

“Donatelli can go in many directions and make you glad for going there.” – Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer

"A great follow-up to her Grammy-nominated CD, When Lights are Low, the new project, 'Soul Shadows', is rich with production and arrangements by the brilliant Geoff Keezer, and wonderfully executed by a gifted vocalist. Denise surely has more Grammy nominations in her future." –

"Donatelli has a marvelous instrument, blessed with a honey and cognac sound, effortless range, and the capacity to articulate every note - whether Autobahn cruising or on-the-beach strolling - with relaxed precision." - Don Heckman, International Review of Music

"Denise Donatelli is a musician´s singer . . . The lady does it all, but not all at once. Each tune is given a personal reading that reflects the composer, lyricist, arranger and accompanist's intent while retaining her own individuality and identity! I haven't heard such vocal artistry since Irene Kral." – Phil Woods
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“Working with Denise at JazzFest Falmouth was a genuine pleasure. Not many vocalists have truly arresting voices. Denise does. Just as important from a producer's point of view, she is relaxed, sensible and completely without drama…This CD (Find a Heart) has Grammy written all over it." - Roger Day, Producer, JazzFest Falmouth, MA, October 2015

"The field of jazz vocals has been needing a fresh approach, and Donatelli's sharp focus here on pop-oriented songs delivered in a contemporary jazz manner brings that. The caveat here is that she steps far a field of the maudlin state of 'contemporary jazz,' making something that might be seen as a savior to adult contemporary music."
- C. Michael Bailey, Blogcritics, CD Review, Find a Heart, Editor Picks

“Multi Grammy nominee vocalist Denise Donatelli, unveils another gem of an album . . . ‘Find A Heart’ is simply put, an outstanding vocal recording that takes Denise Donatelli's performance to another level.” – Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

“Denise Donatelli, one of today's premiere vocalists, alternating between jazz and adult contemporary with ease, has been on quite a roll!. . . With the release of ‘Find a Heart”, Donatelli once again proves why she is the subject of such accolades.” -