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“The best performer we have ever had at Northwestern University, can't state that enough!” - Kaasha Benjamim

Andrew Salgado is eager to share his story. The Nashville-based singer/songwriter with Chicago roots came to prominence by winning a major national competition, has penned songs with legends, toured with some of country music’s biggest icons, and released two well-received indie albums. This talented and dynamic singer-songwriter performs throughout the US featuring an exciting mix of country music with influences of pop, Latin, and rock woven skillfully in the production.

In the late 2010s, long before he won the 2013 Pepsi Southern Original at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam, Andrew used a rough demo to secure a gig performing at an Autism Speaks walk event at Soldier Field in Chicago. He donated a few hundred CDs he had made to the cause, earmarking proceeds to the organization. Seeing the impact his music could have, he parlayed his involvement with Autism Speaks into performances and donations of time and hands-on help to local walks for cancer, diabetes, and other organizations. In 2017, the year after its founding, Music Over Miles approached him to be their spokesperson, a position he held through 2021, helping to provide educational programs about the music business and fundraise to provide programs impacting over 2000 children and multiple schools.
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A great highlight of Andrew’s presentation is his struggle to success stories, like how his spirited, gratitude-filled song My Family (which later appeared on his 2015 debut album Absolutely Everything) won over the Pepsi Southern judges. Since then, he has co-written with Brian Wilson and Kacey Musgraves (on Guess You Had to Be There from Wilson’s No Pier Pressure album), his gigs opening for Carrie Underwood, Toby Keith, Eli Young, Clint Black, and Darryl Worley. Ears also perk up when he mentions being featured for the past several years on the nationally aired PBS special Songs at the Center and his appearances on WGN, ABC, and NBC.

His music has been successfully placed in both a film and theatre production. Andrew has been signed as a writer and performing artist to Synapse Publishing & Entertainment’s label since 2016 and has released his 3rd album and first vinyl record, 86 Vol 2 – Autumn Dawn on April 8, 2022. During the pandemic, due to being unable to tour, Andrew was busy performing once again for many charities through a virtual tour series which resulted in the release in February 2019 of the album: Andrew Salgado Live from the Escape 2020 Virtual Tour available on all major DSPs and he is excited to go out on the road again.
Andrew Salgado Portrait (2).jpg (133x200)
“The Chariton Iowa 4th of July committee would like to thank you for turning us on to Andrew Salgado. We can’t express enough what a great performer and performance Andrew put on for our annual 4th of July Celebration. He did it all, from getting the crowd into it, to have a few come on stage with him for a dance competition to taking the mic and heading out into the crowd for a sing-along, there was never a dull moment. Look forward to seeing you again.” - Sincerely, Scott Willis