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Barracuda – The Ultimate Tribute to Heart delivers an amazingly powerful concert experience. It dazzles the eyes and thrills the ears with hard-hitting guitars, thumping bass, and soaring vocals & harmonies. The band transports the listener through a musical journey celebrating the spirit and passion of Heart from the 70s Magic Man, Crazy on You, and Barracuda to the power ballads of Alone and What About Love in the 80s. As many have said who have seen their concerts, You will not believe your ears!
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Jennifer Schafer (vocals) is an important musician in the Wisconsin music scene. She has received multiple nominations for best female vocalist and best music teacher from the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI). When on stage with Barracuda, Jennifer captures the vocal style, passion, and musical spirit of Ann Wilson in every amazing performance. 

Harry Ipsarides(guitar) is a top veteran of the Wisconsin area music scene. Harry is a classically trained musician. He started on acoustic guitar at 9-years-old, increasingly incorporating the electric guitar in his rhythm and lead guitar musical arsenal. He has performed lead guitar and vocals in several successful WAMI nominated cover and tribute bands. His versatile guitar skills have proven to be a fine fit for covering Heart’s intricate acoustic songs and instrumental guitar solos.

Dan Doerign (Guitar) is an experienced and accomplished Wisconsin area musician, gaining well-deserved notoriety as an exceptional rock guitarist. Dan’s attention to detail and wonderful dexterity significantly contributes to the band’s expertise in covering Heart’s extensive songbook.
Brian Wahlig (bass) performs with a distinct influence from progressive music. His participation in several Wisconsin cover bands, tributes, and original music has given him the opportunity to develop an extensive range of bass styles and improvisational techniques. Brian’s proficiency has helped to create a solid musical foundation for Barracuda’s success.

Bill Russo (drums) is an experienced artist honing his craft by performing with Wisconsin rock bands, tribute projects, and original music. Bill’s unique rhythm and textures propel the music to achieve a more powerful and satisfying concert experience. 

Dan Palmisano (keyboards, vocals) has many years of national touring experience as a keyboard artist. His superb technical capabilities and flexibility allow him to replicate the musical changes Heart has produced over the decades. Dan’s attention to detail and remarkable talent are an incredible complement to Barracuda.