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Ryan Sims is a self-taught musician whose known his destiny since he as 3-years-old. "I began to feel this strong urge to make music even as a small child. I understood chord changes and melody at some deep intuitive level, I never dreamed about being a policeman or fireman or anything other than a musician." Like many great artists and performers, this is where Ryan's story begins.

Whether he's on stage as a soloist or jammin' in a trailer with his band at Bottlerock in Napa Valley, Ryan's soulful voice is on display in sweet moments of musical vulnerability and gritty energy in songs crying for freedom.

Racing from high school to the spotlight, Ryan co-founded one of Arizona's most popular bands EastonAshe. Their 2006 debut album Can I Drive It quickly sold 10,000 copies without any label support. The growing popularity of EastonAshe and Ryan was impressive. The Los Angeles Music Awards identified Can I Drive It as Independent Rock Album of The Year. The group took first place in the LA Music / Hollywood Fame Awards' Performer of The Year category in 2007 and 2008. Taking notice of Ryan's heartfelt abilities to please a crowd, the Phoenix Music Award's honored Ryan as Singer/Songwriter of the Year in 2009.

In 2011, Ryan was invited to participate in the FOX television show The X Factor. Sims notes that this experience ". . . was less about music that about learning the ways of the world. . . it also helped me understand that I could never go on television and pretend I'm something I'm not just to win a competition." Ryan turned The X Factor experience into a successful opportunity to showcase his warm and friendly performance style, gaining an enthusiastic national audience for his music.
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Ryan released his debut EP, "My Side of the Story" in November 2017. This EP features an all-star band including Jason "Slim" Gambel (Lady Antebellum, guitars), Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones, bass), Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty, John Mellencamp, drums) and Kim Bullard (Elton John, keyboards).

"Every one of these songs is true," says Ryan. "I even questioned whether I should record some of them because they were so personal. But I did it because ultimately, it's not me but it's the music that's important."

With songs about heartbreak, bad romances, freedom and love of country, My Side of the Story has a Country, Americana, Pop and Southern Rock crossover vibe that is sure to find increasing radio airplay, encourage national touring and new devoted fans wanting more.