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KERI OLSON is a native of Wisconsin who offers guest speaking engagements, seminars and keynote addresses to groups that would benefit from hearing her story of illness and wholeness, difficulty and blessing, the ordinary and the joyful. Keri's presentations center on discovering the answers that those in the audience may be seeking about abundance, authenticity and joy for their lives.

Keri's most recent book, Find Your Heart, Follow Your Heart, relates, through affirmations, essays and associated questions, the lessons and blessings she has learned from her experiences with illness, including two breast cancer diagnoses, a melanoma, a benign brain tumor and benign thoracic spinal tumor that caused temporary, chest-down paralysis and required her learning how to walk again.
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The messages found within the book are hopeful and positive, and designed to help those who are at a personal or professional crossroads, those who are seeking clarity and meaning, and those who are looking to make changes in their lives that will help them experience joy, abundance and authenticity.

In her diverse 30-year career, Keri has served as Circus World Museum Public Relations Director and Volunteer Coordinator and Director for St. Clare Health Care Foundation, in addition to providing organization development consulting services for public and private institutions.