Atlantic City Ballet - New Photo from Visions.jpg (200x132)
The ATLANTIC CITY BALLET preserves the traditions of ballet by presenting both time-honored classic ballets and innovative contemporary work. Uniquely focused on celebrating world cultures, AC Ballet includes 25 award-winning dancers representing eleven countries. New to the upcoming season are Ballet Goes Broadway and Visions, as well as audience favorites such as Dracula, Sleeping Beauty, Carmen, It’s A Shore Holiday, Papa & Sinatra: Their Way and the educational outreach program Stages to Schools. Several AC Ballet programs also incorporate local musical from small combos to symphonies.
Barraduca ~ Band Photo #4.jpg (200x112)
Barracuda – The Ultimate Tribute to Heart delivers an amazingly powerful concert experience. It dazzles the eyes and thrills the ears with hard-hitting guitars, thumping bass, and soaring vocals & harmonies. The band transports the listener through a musical journey celebrating the spirit and passion of Heart from the 70s Magic Man, Crazy on You, and Barracuda to the power ballads of Alone and What About Love in the 80s. As many said who have seen their concerts, You will not believe your ears!
Britishmania 2 Full Group.jpg (200x136)
Britishmania is so much more than a Beatles Cover Band, with authentic costumes, guitars and amps, cover bands only just play the music and usually not note for note! Britishmania keeps the spirit of the Beatles alive through their perfected theatrics and expert performances! The Beatles are loved by millions and thanks to Britishmania, a whole new generation will have the opportunity to learn what the music is all about!
Denise Donatelli close.jpg (200x133)
DENISE DONATELLI has recorded five albums and her recordings have collectively garnered four Grammy nominations. Her most recent CD Find a Heart earned a 2016 Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album. Denise’s 2012 release,Soul Shadows, and her 2010 release When the Lights Are Low, each received a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album. The Los Angeles Jazz Society recognized Denise with the 2012 Jazz Vocalist of the Year award and the 61st Annual DownBeat Critic's Poll rated her in the top 10 Rising Star Female Vocalists.
Galactic Cowboy Orchestra New Band Photo Aug 2015.jpg (200x97)
Fusing jazz, classical, bluegrass, southern rock, Indian ragas, plus their original stylings, GALACTIC COWBOY ORCHESTRA has toured throughout the US, sharing the stage with the British progressive rock band Uriah Heep to headlining the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga, TN. What energy! What joy! What a terrific show!” - Steve Schmidt, General Manager, Riverside Concerts, Rochester, MN
George! The Concert.jpg (200x93)
UK native, Nick Bold brings his love and passion for George Harrison to the stage in "George!" an evening of great Harrisongs. George's solo hits, his Beatles classics, and Traveling Wilburys fun too. Bold's performance, storytelling, and authentic persona are as "George" as it gets. Touring the world in 2019-20. Nick Bold’s George! is a spirited performance that is as close to what it was like to be at an actual George Harrison concert as you could ever imagine.
GCBR Image in Diner.jpg (200x126)
Formed in Madison, Wisconsin in 2014, Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets (GCBR) is composed of Beth Kille (guitar/vocals), Shawndell Marks (keyboards/vocals) and Jen Farley (vocals). This acoustic-pop trio fuse delightful three-part harmonies, with straight-from-the-heart vocals and clever pop-rock songwriting, offering performances that range from edgy to fun...a little sassy, a little sweet, and filled with fire. Connected by their natural musical chemistry, Beth, Shawndell, and Jen share a bond in depth of spirit and a genuine passion for performance. With powerhouse harmonies reminiscent of the music by Wilson Phillips and Wailin' Jennys, GCBR writes songs that resonate with both long-time fans and new listeners. GCBR performances are for anyone who enjoys songs that dig beneath the surface of love, life, and self-discovery. "...the trio's musical chemistry emanates from the speakers like morning sunshine through a kitchen window." -Mother Church Pew
Random Acts Poster half (2).jpg (200x150)
A solo play written and performed by Renata Hinrichs’ Random Actsis an autobiographical play that follows the journey of a woman as she looks back at what she experienced in her childhood. Random Acts opens in the 1960s at the height of the Civil Rights movement on the south side of Chicago. It is here that a scared five-year-old white girl finds kindness in chaos. As we watch the girl growing up, we experience how far can the ripple of one act of good-will goes. One girls’ story proves that the effect of even a small good deed can reach farther than ever imagined.

Bob Malone Head Shot (2).jpg (200x200)
Called “a keyboard wizard” by The New Yorker, Bob Malone has toured the world as a solo artist for over two decades and has played keyboards with John Fogerty since 2011. Bob combines unforgettable songwriting with an eclectic hybrid of high-energy rock, uptown blues, melodic piano pop, New Orleans R&B, jazz chops and a voice all his own. His latest single “Good People” is out now!
Melody as Barbara Head Shot #2.jpg (164x200)
Minneapolis-based actress and singer Melody Mendis pours herself into every performance of Melody As Barbra. Audiences take a journey with Barbra, feeling each song and the comforting memories of Streisand's timeless music. Performed in cabarets, supper clubs, and concert halls, audiences will experience an inspiring and personal connection to Melody's enduring tribute to Streisand. Melody As Barbra explores the extraordinary range of Streisand’s life and music through a selection of themes that include TV Shows and Specials, Goes to the Movies, With Love from Barbra, and An Evening of Holiday Cheer. Presented as a 60-minute or 90-minute show, Melody presents these shows backed by recorded tracks, live piano accompaniment, or with a rhythm section. "Actress and singer Mendis does a spot-on Barbra Streisand impression…you’ll walk out hearing Mendis' voice resounding through your brain and heart.” - Star Tribune, Minneapolis MN.
Southern Drawl ~ Mike Nash & SDB.jpg (171x200)
Spanning the boundaries of Country, Southern Rock, Trop Rock, and Bluegrass, Mike Nash and the Southern Drawl Band (SDB) attracts new fans with every concert they perform, from house concerts to performing arts centers to major outdoor festivals. Their unique trait of extraordinary music, heartfelt songwriting, and impressive audience appeal increasingly distinguish SDB from the rest in the country music scene.

SDB is a band with a non-stop upward mobility, sharing the stage with such artists as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimmy Buffett, Aaron Tippin, Neal McCoy, Blackberry Smoke, Pure Prairie League & Cody Canada to name a few.
66769231_2621887894523771_4725562022022818443_n(1).jpg (200x197)
Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, the Moipei Triplets each recently graduated with Bachelor of Art degrees in Music ~ Vocal Performance from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. In 2002, they competed in the Kenya Music Festivals with their youngest sister, Seraphine. The sisters won first place four years in a row. At the age of 12, the sisters were appointed Kenya's first UNICEF child ambassadors. They have toured internationally with performances in Tanzania, Uganda, Canada, Venezuela, South Korea, China, and the USA. A few of their special engagements include singing The Star-Spangled Banner to thousands of NBA fans at a Spurs Playoff game, performing as featured artists in the Alamo City Opera’s Speed Dating Tonight, performing for the president of Kenya at the Rockefeller Center, and singing a specially commissioned arrangement of Let it Snow with the San Antonio Symphony's Holiday Pops concert.
Carli Munzo - Red Had Front and Back.jpg (200x200)
Born and raised in Puerto Rico, CARLI MUNOZ is a jazz pianist whose music of choice was jazz, European avant-garde, and American pop music. Muñoz has worked with Wilson Pickett, Jan and Dean, The Association, George Benson, Charles Lloyd, Chico Hamilton, Wayne Henderson, Les McCann, Peter Cetera, and Evie Sands.

From 1970 through 1981, Muñoz toured with the Beach Boys, playing Hammond B3 and piano. Recent CDs include Love Tales (piano solo); Both Sides Now, with bassist, Eddie Gómez, drummer Joe Chambers, and flutist Jeremy Steig; Live at Carli's Vol. 1, Live at Carli's Vol 2 and Live at Carli's Vol 3, the first second and third of a live series recorded at Carli Cafe Concierto; and Maverick, with Eddie Gómez on bass, Jack DeJohnette on drums, Don Byron on clarinet, and David Sánchez on tenor saxophone. Carli’s latest release is a CD in the pop rock genre and the title is In My Soul, in memory of Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson, released in February 2013. Released in September 2018, Carli’s Follow Me is a thematic jazz/world album honoring Wangari Maathai - the Kenyan born Nobel Peace Prize winning environmental activist. Carlie says, "I see this recording as an opportunity to open hearts, inspire and spread a message of peace and awareness."
Romy-#a ~ New-Headshot-2017-2018-web.jpg (133x200)
The 1920s was the time of flappers, flamboyance, and the face of Alla Nazimova.

Written and performed by Romy Nordlinger, THE GARDEN OF ALLA ~ THE STORY OF ALLA NAZIMOVA is a critically acclaimed multimedia solo performance telling the story of Alla Nazimova, the forgotten trailblazing iconoclast. A Jewish immigrant who escaped Tsarist Russia, she became a Broadway legend, the highest-paid silent movie star in Tinseltown, and the first female director/producer/writer in Hollywood. Unapologetic about her bisexuality she coined the infamous “sewing circle" (a code term for meetings of closeted lesbians), at her infamous Garden of Alla that hosted the greatest never-ending star-studded party of the 1920s. Defying the moral and artistic codes of her time, Nazimova was eventually censored and forced into obscurity.

"This enlightening production’s currency is chilling. It is a superb, striking must-see. Nordlinger portrays Nazimova with stylized grace and aplomb. It is in aligning the past with the present that this production Places is its most trenchant, vital and significant for our time. Places is a clarion call for us never to give up, despite injustices which threaten to destroy men and women alike." - Carole Di Tosti, Theater Pizzazz

"It is an important piece of theatre that will touch the minds and hearts of viewers...Inspirational, a beautifully honest portrayal of a talented woman who was a true trailblazer for the LGBT community.”
– Marina Kennedy, Broadway World
Janet Planet half smile.jpg (160x200)
Jazziz Magazine hailed JANET PLANET as a "Voice of the New Jazz Culture." Janet performs in a variety of formats from duos to her quartet to big band and symphonies. Janet's most recent recordings - Janet Planet Sings the Bob Dylan Songbook Vol. 1 and Of Thee I Sing - showcases her unique abilities to reinterpret classic folk, blues, rock and jazz standards. Janet has recently developed big band arrangements for her Bob Dylan project, resulting in the release of her most recent CD Just Like a Woman, The Music of Bob Dylan, Vol. 2.

Janet recently released Da Capo with longtime collaborator pianist John Harmon. Da Capo includes 12 original tunes with music and lyrics by John Harmon, with Janet providing lyrics for four songs. “Da Capo is full of memorable melodies and top-notch singing… Da Capo is a set of warm and beautiful music, features Janet Planet and John Harmon at their very best.” - Scott Yanow, jazz journalist, historian and author.
Reunion Beatles Portrait.jpg (200x170)
The Reunion: Fantasy Beatles Tribute is the ultimate salute to the music of The Beatles! The Reunion is the answer to the question of what a Beatles reunion concert experience would be like if they could present a concert today. The Reunion features the world's best veteran Beatles look-alike and sound-alike artists performing as John, Paul, George, and Ringo. But unlike other Beatles tribute shows, instead of taking you back in time, The Reunion imagines that you are experiencing The Beatles as if they are back together and performing today. This multimedia concert presentation will fill your heart with the best music from the Beatles songbook and many of the solo hits from each of the band members. The concert that never was is The Reunion: Beatles Fantasy Tribute.
Bette Davis Image.jpg (200x200)
Written and performed by Jessica Sherr, BETTY DAVIS AIN'T FOR SISSIES (BDAFS) is a 90-minute one-woman show about Bette Davis and her experience on the night of the 1939 Academy Awards. Jessica’s performance is a unique and thoughtful perspective of Davis in her ongoing challenge to secure the best roles for herself in the male-dominated movie studio system. "Bette Davis Ain't For Sissies is a magnificently witty and touching testament to a woman who refused to compromise...Jessica Sherr is a star in the making." - Lorna Irvine, The List, UK. “Sherr's Davis is compellingly real and fully's a nuanced performance that is at times enlightening, infuriating, bittersweet and sad...Kudos to Jessica Sherr for presenting an enlightening portrait of a trailblazing feminist who is indelibly etched upon our collective mind." - Steve Murray, Broadway World Review, August 28, 2019, performed at the 3 Below Theater, San Jose, CA, Aug. 23-24, 2019.
Todd Mosby ~ Portrait 2.jpg (178x200)
Acclaimed Indian jazz guitarist Todd Mosby’s New Horizons Ensemble represents an exciting mix of Indian classical music and classical, folk, bluegrass, and jazz. This music offers sensational new sounds that are genre-defying. Among the musicians joining Todd in his full six-piece ensemble is GRAMMY®-nominated bass virtuoso Michael Manring, GRAMMY®-winning percussionist Jeff Haynes, wind virtuoso Premik Tubbs, and pianist/vocalist Lola Toben. In addition to presenting the full six-piece group, Todd presents this music in solo shows, trios, and quartets. His new show, Jazz India, may be presented in the 2020-21 season. Todd’s new CD,

Open Waters, is receiving excellent reviews. B.T. Fasmer writes in New Age Music Guide, “Mosby has delivered one of 2019’s finest New Age music releases, which for sure will win him a reward or two – and many news fans.”

“Open Waters is the best project I have been involved with…Todd Mosby is the most unique sounding guitarist I have ever worked with, nobody does what he does…” - Will Ackerman the founder of Windham Hill Records

Congratulations to Todd for winning the 2019 Zone Music Reporter first place award on for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for his CD Open Waters.

Music from Todd's recently released Aerial Views is available by clicking the link below. This CD is sure to receive excellent reviews. Please take a listen.

Nestor Torres Website (2).jpg (200x154)
Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Nestor Torres moved to New York City to study classical and jazz flute at the Mannes School of Music, Jazz at Berklee College of Music, and New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. During that time, Nestor learned to improvise in the Charanga Cuban Dance Music style, which proved to be an incredible influence in producing melodic and danceable music. Nestor has recorded 18 solo albums since 1989, winning one Latin Grammy Award, four Latin Grammy nominations, and one Grammy nomination. He has collaborated with dozens of incredibly diverse artists including Gloria Estefan, Kenny Loggins, Paquito D’Rivera, Dave Mathews, Tito Puente, Herbie Hancock, and Arturo Sandoval. Nestor's concerts with the Cleveland, Singapore, and New World symphonies, among others, are a testimony to an exceptional artist who continues to reach out to share his visionary musical spirit.
Mark Wood Leather Jacket.jpg (133x200)
Dubbed The Les Paul of The Violin World, Emmy-winning composer, performer, and music educator Mark Wood rose to fame as string master and founding member of the internationally acclaimed Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Mark’s innovative program Electrify Your Strings (EYS) is an intensive rock and roll workshop for school music departments that boosts student self-esteem and motivation. In addition to EYS, Mark tours with The Mark Wood Experience as a soloist, with his trio including his wife, vocalist Laura Kaye, and their son Elijah on drums, and with his 6-piece band.